The Dagda lies at the heart of the mystical world of Irish folklore. With ties to the ancient stories of the Veda and the Greek Pantheon, he stands grinning at the lunacy of humanity's hubris in the face of the endless natural music.

In Moy Fara, you can find the relics and representatives of the ancient gods of Ireland in your own world.

Explore locations you thought you knew, and uncover the conflicts between the forces of ... the train station and ... the swimming pool... Any location you visit with a wifi signal will be represented as one faction in a great struggle.

The celtic gods at the heart of Moy Fara's fictional representation exert influences over your perceived world, but the ebb and flow of how, where, and when, will be an experience unique to you.

You will choose the character of your actions and the pantheon of Eireann will act to guide you on whatever path you choose.

Dagda, as father of the gods, will be your reassurance. Ogma, warrior king, will give you strength when you need it. Brigid will challenge you in times of weakness. And the three-headed Morrigan will bring your fate to your door should you but answer the call.

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